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ASP couples ARE PUMPED ABOUT LIFE, seek beauty in the world around them, love deeply, and are fueled by an insatiable sense FOR adventure.

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ASP brides believe thaT tHE irreplaceable MOMENTS ARE priceless.

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I love serving couples who are deeply, madly, and wildly crazy about each other. If you don't like things stuffy, but a timelessness paired with a happy energy sounds like your speed, then we may make a pretty good team!

I'm continually refining my process in the hopes of approaching each session and wedding with honesty. I embrace the philosophy of a relaxed work ethic, meeting each individual where they are and understanding that it's OK not to love having your picture taken (who does?!). We will work together to find your moment and your confidence, because these photos are not just for you - they're for your family: your grandkids, your nieces and second cousins, and, hey, even their great-great grandkids. 

After the day is over, the decorations are taken down, and you're transitioning into a new season as newlyweds, I'm carefully curating your wedding memories. I love the digital age we live in and provide a streamlined online gallery for your convenience. I I also take pride in offering a selection of film photography scans, as well as luxurious print and photo album options, that preserve your wedding for generations.

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