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Having an understanding of the technical aspects of lighting and my camera allows me to "shoot to edit." Jargon aside, this means that I am very aware of the colors and tones I am producing in my camera, and how that affects the post-production towards a finished product. Shooting and editing go hand-in-hand to create the vibrant, rich images I'm chasing. I'm heavily influenced by the color authenticity found in film: rich colors, pure skin tones, and beautiful textures. I generally steer away from unnatural colors and filters for weddings in my photographic and editing style.

Another important aspect to my photographic style, and arguably even more important than the visual aspects, is the air of emotion I work to capture. A wedding is one of the happiest, most treasured days of a person's life, and all of the stirring butterflies and rushing feelings are there without my help at all. I chase and capture those happy and sincere feelings through getting to know my clients (why engagement sessions are important - see below), communication during the session, lots of movement, engagement, and other photographic secrets (we can't share ALL of our tricks, can we?! ;)).

For me, film is far from outdated or impractical. Sure, it's slower, takes more time, and goes through a development process - so there's no "immediate satisfaction" like with digital. But that's exactly what I love about it. Please don't misunderstand - I LOVE digital photography, and so many photographers who I admire and respect shoot 100% digital - and I still shoot a lot through the medium myself! It's a beautiful craft in its own right. But the colors and textures of film are completely enchanting and interesting. Film is raw, real, timeless, gritty, imperfect, perfect,  and alive all at once, and those results greatly drive my digital work. It's the "goal," so to speak, as I'm editing digital files.

The scans are high resolution and suitable for printing. Because film is analog, the deliverable amount varies wedding to wedding - how many rolls were shot, how many photos were useable (as film is more unpredictable), etc. But I typically deliver a handful of film scans in addition to your digital gallery.
Film epitomizes "quality" over "quantity"!

1. Your job is to show up, my job is to guide you. I like to think that during a session, I'm your #1 fan first, and your photographer second. You can think that's corny, it's OK, I'm a little corny. But really, I want you to feel comfortable and then look at your delivered photos and say, "Wait, that's ME? YES!" You are capable of more than you know, but I have no expectations for you to pose like a model. Hopefully before your session we have met and gotten to know each other, which helps alleviate some nerves, but even if our first time meeting is during your photoshoot, we will spend some time getting to know each other, and I will guide you through poses and natural interactions. It can take as long as 20 minutes to start to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera, but I'm right there with you every step of the way!

2. Professional photography sessions are different. They're not the same as those unexpected moments where your sweet, loving, well-intentioned relative pulls out a camera and starts snapping photos of you eating Thanksgiving dinner. Those are the images (while maybe good memories for some) that can facilitate camera anxiety because you don't always feel your best for that moment. It's important to understand that a professional session is going to look and be excecuted differently from unexpected candids, and it's mostly due to preparedness. You're going to wear your favorite outfit that exudes your best confidence; you'll seep inspiration from the beautiful location we've selected; and, most importantly, you'll be with the person you love and feel most comfortable with in the whole world. Then there's lighting. Lighting changes everything, friend. I chase the pretty light to create beautiful, flattering images. If this all feels too technical, let me say this: You are beautiful and you are enough. Clothes are cool and it's fun to wear makeup, but all that matters is your love and pretty smile, and you'll shine in those images. I'll take care of the rest! (P.S. Let's cheer for our fun grandmas/uncles/other relatives with the camera who care about preserving memories. Those eating-mac-n-cheese pictures will be fun in a few years, right?! Or at least a good laugh, we hope!)

3. Engagement sessions help with photography nerves on the wedding day. See a few posts down for more on this subject - practice really does make perfect!

One last note: Photos should be viewed in the grand scheme of your life. Your photos are also for your family, friends, amd future generations. People now and in the future who love and care for you so deeply. They want to be able to look back at an important milestone from your life and remember "who you were when." Pictures are your legacy, and I promise no one will be concerned with perfection in 10, 25, or 100 years.

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In the case of particular poses or angles you would like for your wedding or engagement session, feel free to send those as well as a source of inspiration. Please understand that we may not exactly reiterate each pose that you find, because the best images are going to come from fluid and natural moments, and I work to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera so that your personality and spunk is highlighted. But if there's a cute pose you just LOVE (such as the groom twirling the bride, a dip and a kiss, etc.), I would be happy to make it happen with a little reminder.

I also create a photography timeline that considers the day-of timeline created by your coordinator (sometimes with revisions and working closely with your coordinator). I am restricted by certain time limitations during the day, but I will work hard to squeeze in as much as I can!

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