Fall Wedding Series Part 2: Laura & Matthew


There are so many things I love about my job as a photographer, but one of the most meaningful aspects of it is when I truly feel like I’ve formed a connection with my clients.

Laura is a particularly special bride to me because we studied under the same program at Augusta University and shared classes together. But when she hired me as her wedding photographer, our relationship experienced an evolution from class peers, to photographer/client, to truly becoming friends! I already knew from interactions with her at school that she was a genuinely sweet and beautiful human, but spending time with her outside of academics further exuded her kind soul, sweet spirit, and huge heart. Our consultations certainly didn’t feel like meetings, but more like a couple of girlfriends talking about wedding planning…and occasionally tacos. Yes, we may have bonded over our love of tacos. Hey, that makes my job even more fun!

Laura and Matthew's November 1st wedding took place at The Barn at Sanderlin Horse Farm in Appling, Georgia. Just as its name alludes, this stunning property is graced with open pastures, beautiful horses, and even-better-than-Pinterest rustic coverings and gorgeous cafe lighting. This magical venue is truly a sight to behold!

Our day at the venue was as beautiful as it sounds, but we did hit one tiny bump when were presented with a small rain shower earlier in the day. Surprise: rain actually makes this photographer really happy (it was a rainy wedding season, so I’ll be mentioning weather quite often in these next few posts), because rain equals an umbrella of diffused lighting accompanied by haze and dew. Delicious.

Although rainy and cloudy weather can make for beautiful images, I totally understand that inclimate weather can be stressful for any bride (trust me, I know: there was a downpour predicted the day of my own wedding), but Laura handled it like a champ, and she was even willing to (carefully!) trample through the wet grass so we could get “the” shots (particularly with the horses!).

All-in-all, I have say this day turned out pretty perfectly: beautiful venue, unfolding beautiful weather,  beautiful decor, beautiful wedding party, and a beautiful couple. Clearly “beautiful” is a common adjective for this wonderful day!

Congratulations to Laura and Matthew on your beautiful wedding! Thank you for entrusting me as your photographer. Can’t wait until we can celebrate "Taco Tuesday!” :)

xx, Anna

P.S. Please note the “ring bear” in the photos below. Yes, he's real and it’s amazing.

Venue: The Barn at Sanderlin Horse Farm, Appling, GA.

Hair: Amber Lanting

Makeup: Madi Navarro

Florist: Martina's Flowers and Gifts

Food: Shane's Ribshack