Morgan and Cullen's Summerville Wedding

     Morgan reached out to me months and months ago about shooting her wedding, but because she and Cullen live in Seattle, we didn't get to meet in person until two days prior to the wedding. We decided to schedule an early morning, somewhat spontaneous, engagement session so that we could spend some time working together and getting to know each other a bit more. Yeah, two days before the wedding because that's how we roll! I already adored Morgan just from our email interactions and could sense how sweet and spunky she is, but when I met these two at our photo shoot, I fell completely in love. A blog post does not put to justice how kind, open-hearted, and joyful these two are, and when Adam and I left the shoot (because I enjoy dragging my husband along to my sessions. He's a willing participant, thankfully!), we were both saying, "Man! We REALLY like them. Can we just...move to Seattle and hangout with them?!" As a photographer, that's my favorite feeling in the whole entire world.  My intention with each client and each wedding is always to serve, give and love as best I can, but after I'm around Morgan, Cullen and their families, I leave feeling like my heart is going to burst with gratitude. 

     What made this wedding particularly special was the level of intentionality behind each aspect of the wedding. The long-awaited day began at the Moretz's gorgeous home. The home that saw Morgan from childhood to college send-off  is the same home where her mother buttoned her wedding gown, her father escorted her down the staircase, and where he finally kissed her cheek and gave her away at the landing. It's hard for me to imagine anything more meaningful than saying forever promises, surrounded by dear family and friends, in the middle of a home holding years of multi-generational memories and traditions. I'd say a pretty special memory was added to the scrapbook that day, too.

     The family spent the afternoon together enjoying a delicious luncheon on the family porch, and then we reconvened later that day at the Old Medical College for the reception, where Morgan's grandfather once held the presidency. Morgan and Cullen's friends and family gathered from all around the country to celebrate, and the evening began with the couple's first dance, backed by a slideshow childhood photos (I'm not cryin', you're cryin'!). It was a perfect segue into the evening's celebration full of great food, great music, and lots of great dancing (I'm looking at you, Guests!).

     The morning after the wedding, I woke up with such a full and thankful heart after the wedding. Thankful for this sweet couple. Thankful for their families. Thankful for the honor of preserving a new piece of their family's legacy. Lots of love to you, Mr. and Mrs. McElroy!


Venue: Moretz family home and Old Medical College of Georgia

Second Shooter: Matthew Sams

Coordinators: Charles Duchsher and Beverly Hadley

Florist: Charles Duchsher

Invitation Suite: Perfect Press Printing

Makeup and Hair: Chelsea Logue

Gown: Bellevue Bridal

Pianist: Nathan Mills

Reception Lighting: Moretz Production Services

Reception Band: Tony Howard Show

Caterer: Deborah Rodriguez