Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging: Bridal Shower

Anna Sams Photography Eco Friendly Bridal Shower

I don't know about you, but I love wrapping presents. There's something wonderful about picking out a gift for a person you love, and then packing it all up in a handcrafted presentation to boost anticipation.

Luckily a beautiful presentation doesn't have to equal packaging struggles and woes, or even glitz and glam. While shiny papers and silk ribbons are luxurious and certainly have their place and moment, I tend to be drawn towards organic materials: canvas, cotton, linen, and even accents of florals and branches for wrapping gifts.

This past weekend I was shopping for a friend's bridal shower. After I picked out a gift from her registry (wine rack), I headed over to The Fresh Market to pick up a few extra (tiny) treats for my friend to enjoy: a glass of infused water, chocolates, and a simple bouquet of flowers. I still hadn't found a gift bag I loved, but at the register I noticed a selection of reusable grocery totes. Light bulb! I selected a simple canvas tote, just big enough for the wine holder, and nestled the candy and water into the front pocket (double duty!). The canvas inspired me to go totally eco-friendly and pick out a tea towel to wrap the rack in (double-double duty!).

I was happy with how the gift turned out: organic, soft, every inch of fabric waiting for a new purpose (even the glass bottle makes for a cute flower vase), all wrapped around a sturdy, wooden rack on the inside. There was something sweet about the simplicity of the materials that reflected from the inside-out. Maybe this method doesn't work for every gift or is appealing to every person, but I'm inspired to look for more ways to creatively wrap gifts in a way that makes the receiver and the environment a little bit happier.