Small home, small business, small office

There are so many things I love about living in my tiny cottage: I love the location (by the river and downtown!); I love that I actually have a yard that I can (attempt to) garden in; I love that living in a small space forces me to be intentional about my belongings and to only own what I actually love; and I love that even though the space is tiny, we have huge, beautiful windows that I can look out of all day.

The challenging part, though, is that my husband and I both primarily work from home, which means we have to get creative when it comes to setting aside workspaces for ourselves.

The workspace issue was a recent problem for me. Last Fall was my first semester living here in the cottage, but the last semester of my college career before graduation. I spent most of my time studying at school or at a coffee shop, like I had all throughout my undergrad, and was never faced with needing a dedicated space to work.

When I graduated and began pursuing photography as my full-time career, I realized that my work situation significantly needed reconsideration. I no longer had a school library or numerous campus spaces to work from, and while I loved studying at coffee shops, pursuing a full-time grownup job in a cafe wasn't exactly practical (make no mistake: I still love my local coffee shops!).

I spent several months trying out every location in my tiny cottage in an attempt to find somewhere to work. I created business plans from my living room floor, edited photos at the dinner table, and typed up spreadsheets while lounging on my bed (bad, bad idea). I'm honestly surprised I didn't try holding conference calls while hanging out on top of the washing machine.

In spite of feeling like I had no room for an appropriate office, I knew that some sort of desk area was needed ASAP. I immediately went to researching space efficient desks, and found this beautiful natural finish writing desk from Target (at an even more beautiful price). In order to save on space and keep my "office" as minimal as possible, I purchased a set of antique brown metal chairs (also from Target), which pretty perfectly matched the brushed bronze hardware throughout my living area. This way, the office fits into the main room of the house without feeling like an unwelcome intrusion. 

After minimal rearranging of the living room, we managed to comfortably fit the desk and chair into a corner, and I'm completely happy with the way it turned out. Bonus: I get to have my desk in front of one of my favorite windows in the house so I have a pretty view too!

This "office" renovation turned out to be a small financial investment, but a huge investment for my business and personal motivation. 

Even the smallest businesses and spaces can work together, after all!

// Anna

{All pictured items are listed after the photos.}

Items pictured:

// Darley Writing Desk from Target

// Drawer: Jotter Sticky Notes Set from Anthropologie (no longer available). / Business card holder from Sew Co. (local and handmade) /  Blank stationery cards from Hobby Lobby / Office supplies from Target

// Pink Floral Weekly Desk Pad from Rifle Paper Co.

// Allen + Roth Embleton Bronze Desk Lamp from Lowe’s

// Drawer: Watercolor pouch from Sew Co. (local and handmade) / G-Technology G-Drive

// Carlisle Metal Dining Chair in Antique Brown from Target 

//Stripe Throw Blanket from Target

// Intelligentsia Coffee mug from their Chicago retail shop.