Sweet Darlin' Bake Shoppe

The beauty of art is that it manifests in so many different forms - nature, architecture, painting, ceramics - and the list goes on forever, doesn't it? While we all have our favorite forms, I can say confidently that there's one in particular that a lot of us lovedessert! I'm not talking place 'n bake cookies and cellophane wrapped brownies, but I mean good old fashioned, homemade, sweet delicacies that stir up nostalgic memories of mom baking in the kitchen.

Luckily, Sweet Darlin' Bake Shoppe, owned and curated by Holly Love, does just that. Holly has translated her talent for color and beautiful aesthetics into whimsical desserts that are so beautiful they're (almost) too pretty to eat. She artfully assembles sweets that make each serving seem elevated and a little more special than a typical homemade dessert. Of course, these little beauties aren't just good for the eyes, but they're good for the tastebuds too. I can personally attest to the oh-so soft cupcakes and dreamy peanut butter bars. 

 Here are a few photos I took of Holly's stunning creations. Check out her Facebook if you want creative treats that will make for happy bellies and smiles all around!